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Fighting food waste, with the Food Bank

For years, we have worked in close collaboration with the European Food Bank Federation, to whom we donate unsellable though consumable products destined for people in need in Italy and France

The European Food Bank Federation (FEBA) is a humanitarian association founded in 1986 that consists of more than 270 local food banks in 23 European countries, dealing with the collection of food and the recovery of food waste from agricultural and industrial production and redistributing it to charitable bodies that provide support to people living in poverty.


Thanks to long-term conservation periods, particularly safe and resistant packaging and high protein content, our products are among the most suitable for redistribution to people living in conditions of poverty or emergency.

In Italy, Rio Mare has collaborated with the Food Bank since 2011, donating surplus food from their production line and unsellable products from mass retail sales points, for a total of 3,300,000 cans that have contributed to satisfying the daily protein requirements of more than 1,000,000 people.

In addition to the above, the company donates meals through its ‘Siticibo’ program, an initiative promoted by the Lombardy Food Bank for the collection of surplus food from company canteens, including that of Cermenate. This service, which was interrupted in 2016 due to technical problems, was resumed in 2017, for a total of more than 8,800 meals distributed over a 4-year period.

Our support to the Food Bank is not limited to the donation of meals and cans. In 2014, the #unTonnoPerTutti initiative was launched. This initiative, which became an annual event, involved consumers at 2,500 sales points throughout Italy, who in addition to being asked to donate one can of Rio Mare Tuna, were given the option of using special promotions. 

Furthermore, to mark ‘National Food Collection Day’, a significant number of our employees actively participated in the Adopt a supermarket initiative. In the four years between 2014-2017, approximately 170 employees participated in the initiative.

In 2016, in collaboration with Pallacanestro Cantù, we organized a charitable basketball game and theI Buoni vincono semprelottery with the aim of raising funds to support the Lombardy Food Bank association. This initiative enabled us to donate more than €15,000 to the association.