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GGGI - Global Ghost Gear Initiative

Our commitment against the ghost fishing gear with the GGGI

We support the Best Practice Framework developed by the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) against abandoned fishing gear.

The GGGI is the first initiative aiming at solving the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear, which amounts to at least 640,000 tonnes every year, making up to 70 percent by weight of macro plastics in the ocean. Ghost gear is recognized as one of the most harmful forms of marine debris, mainly due to its purpose of capturing marine life.

The three mission objectives of the GGGI are:

  • To improve the health of marine ecosystems;
  • To safeguard human health and livelihoods;
  • To protect marine animals from harm.

The GGGI has developed several guidance documents addressing all the actors in the industry, including the Best Practice Framework for the management of fishing gear (BPF). The purpose of the BPF is to provide guidance to the fishing industry and its stakeholders to limit the loss of fishing gear and to mitigate the impacts generated by accidental loss.

We support the Best Practice Framework of the GGGI and comply with the principles of best practice for seafood businesses. Our main tuna supplier and strategic partner Tri Marine is a member of the GGGI and therefore complies with the BPF guidelines. Furthermore, we mitigate our impact by ensuring that the third-party certified fisheries we source from recognize the impacts of lost fishing gear on the marine environment.