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Nutrition and Health

We endorse the campaign promoting proper nutrition for new generations

Nutrition and Health’ is the campaign organized by the Italian ‘Giuoco Calcio’ Federation and the National Amateurs’ League under the patronage of the Prime Minister’s Presidential Board to promote correct nutrition for children and youngsters playing football.


In 2016, we endorsed the campaign involving the distribution of information material (information pamphlets for families and a technical manual for coaches) and the organization of 20 regional conventions dedicated to coaches. This initiative involved more than 1,400,000 families, 1,200,000 children and youngsters aged 5 and upwards, plus 200,000 managers, trainers and coaches.

In 2017, the Campaign was renewed in collaboration with CONI and the Medical Sports Federation and targeted at 4,500 sports physicians, directly reaching one million athletes and their families (competitive and non-competitive athletes aged 7 and upwards), plus 2 million patients who pass through the waiting rooms of 100 affiliated FMSI (Italian Medical Sports Federation) centres and the private rooms of FMSI affiliated physicians on a yearly basis.