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Promoting proper nutrition, everyday

Our Rio Mare products, the allies of Italian nutritionists and of the Italians’ diet

A healthy and balanced nutrition plays a crucial role in the prevention of so-called "welfare diseases", such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. In this context, the Mediterranean Diet is a healthy nutritional model to promote and recommend, and it is exactly in this context that the consumption of fish plays a fundamental role. Canned fish are the ideal ally to promote greater consumption and accessibility to the benefits of fish.

Every year, our Research and Development team conducts studies with relevant institutional partners to gain a deeper understanding of the nutritional properties of canned fish.

At a national level, we have been members of Nutrition Foundation of Italy (NFI) for many years and sponsors of events and activities for healthcare professionals such as the forum of Practical Nutrition (NutriMi), of the first world conference on the Mediterranean Diet, and of the XXXVIII edition of SINU, the National Congress of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition in 2017.

NFI - Nutrition Foundation of Italy 

NFI - Nutrition Foundation of Italy is a non-profit organization recognized as an authority in the food sector research. We work closely with them to carry out periodic surveys that help us better understand the nutritional benefits of our products and discover new ones.

NutriMI - Forum of Nutritional Practice

NutriMI – Forum di Nutrizione Pratica, is the most important event of the year for healthcare professionals and experts working in the field of food and nutrition. The objective of the forum is to develop useful tools and resources to help professionals navigate current issues in the field.  It has become synonymous in the food and nutrition sector as the best place for up-to-date information and opportunities for continuous learning.

In 2017, in addition to the annual meeting in Milan, Rome hosted its first meeting on November 30.

NutriMI 2018 took place in Milan on 12-13 April.

SINU National Congress

The SINU is an event geared towards the medical and scientific community, organized annually by the Italian Society of Human Nutrition to discuss the most important topics in the field, such as new studies and recent research, and issues related to the general public’s increasing interest in nutritious food and its role in a healthy lifestyle

The XXXVIII National Congress 2017 of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition (SINU) was held in Turin on 20-22 November 2017.