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Tri Marine

Our strategic supplier

Tri Marine, a Bolton Group company, has been our strategic partner for more than 25 years and is the exclusive supplier of the precooked tuna loins processed at Bolton’s Cermenate plant. Similarly to Bolton Food, Tri Marine starts from the protection of fish resources to do much more  and is committed to protecting the environment, supporting communities and ensuring proper nutrition by offering one of the healthiest proteins in the world.

Guided by shared values and by the same long-term vision in terms of sustainability, we collaborate with Tri Marine in projects of various kinds in both social and sustainability. In particular, we work together with the implementation of the ISSF conservation measures, with the ultimate aim of having in the years to come all the fishing chains capable of meeting the standards set by the MSC certification.

Together we are committed to the development of some important FIPs that will ensure the achievement of the goal of sourcing from MSC certified fisheries or from FIPs that are 100% robust and credible by 2024.

An example of the goals already achieved was the case of the Solomon Islands, where, thanks to the support of Trimarine, we managed to bring the fishery to achieve MSC certification.

Another fundamental activity for us is to ensure maximum transparency and traceability of the supply chain: thanks to the collaboration with Tri Marine we have managed to further improve our traceability system by connecting the products to the boats.

In addition, following the guidelines of the International Seafood Foundation (ISSF), we collaborate with our strategic partner Tri Marine in order to use optimally the FAD in use from the vessels from which we source.

Some examples of the commitments made by Tri Marine:

Tri Marine is a member, as we are, of the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability, an international platform created to promote common traceability practices of seafood products.

Tri Marine is also a member of SeaFood Taskfroce, a joint working group which tackles issues related to work and illegal fishing in the supply chains of fish products currently concentrated in the seas around Thailand.

In addition, Tri Marine takes part in the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), a cross-sector alliance committed to leading solutions to the problem of lost and abandoned fishing equipment worldwide.