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5R: our strategy for more sustainable packaging

The new Bolton Group policy for packaging: Rethink, Recycle, Remove, Reduce, Renew

Bolton Food, as a Bolton Group company, has adopted the Group’s policy for sustainable packaging aimed at establishing the principles for the selection of packaging materials and improving the sustainability of its supplies.

Bolton Group’s packaging policy, implemented as part of  the We Care sustainability program, covers all packaging materials, in line with the Group’s mission: to produce and commercialize high quality products in a sustainable manner. In this scenario, the sustainable sourcing of packaging plays an important role.

In order to adopt the best practices in terms of respect for the environment, this policy follows the guidelines of the United Nations, of the SDGs and the principles of the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation, which is an international reference point for circular economy.

The packaging policy is guided by the 5R principle, namely:

  1. Rethink: reconsider packaging materials from the perspective of environmental and social sustainability, so that they are recyclable, reusable or compostable, in a circular perspective.
  2. Recycle: support the choice of recycled materials and educate the consumer about the importance of recycling.
  3. Remove: remove excess materials (overpackaging) and those that could have adverse effects on humans health at any point of their useful life.
  4. Reduce: use lighter materials than those already in use or available on the market.
  5. Renew: choose products from renewable sources to minimize packaging’s environmental footprint.