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Healthy, safe, quality products

Encouraging a healthy diet, daily

We dedicate the utmost attention to the selection of raw materials, we conduct widespread controls across the supply chain and we engage in research and development activities aimed at continually improving the quality of our products.

In addition to the quality and safety of our products, promoting correct nutrition through a procedure aimed at both the nutritional and qualitative appreciation of our products is a core value our company’s philosophy.

An important stage in this procedure was the establishment of a study on canned fish consumption.

The most interesting aspect that emerged from the dossier is that, from a nutritional perspective, canned fish has the same health benefits as fresh fish. Both products were found to contain the same nutrient-rich properties, including the noble proteins and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that make fish an essential element in a balanced diet. The fact that the working processes involved in canning fish have a negligible influence on the composition of the finished product, and are only limited to a few micronutrients, shows that canned fish is an excellent alternative to fresh fish. In addition to being equally nourishing, it is pre-seasoned and ready-to-eat.


The word ‘preserve’ could be misleading: in fact, none of Rio Mare’s products contain either additives or preservatives. Only high-quality fish seasoned with olive oil and a pinch of salt, in accordance with Mediterranean tradition. The sterilization process guarantees that it’s correctly preserved, making it a practical serving of pre-seasoned, ready-to-eat fish.


There’s tuna and tuna: perhaps not everyone knows that the species used in the Italian canning process (Yellowfin and Skipjack) are among the species containing the lowest percentage heavy metals. The authorities recomend to consume fish 2 per week changing the species.

Rio Mare’s added guarantee: ongoing controls on the raw materials and finished product show that the mercury values contained in Rio Mare tuna are 10 times lower than the safety limits established by law. For this reason, the consumption of Rio Mare Tuna is recommended for everyone, including pregnant women and children, in compliance with the limits imposed by the health authorities.


Salt owes its preservative effect to its ability to reduce the water activity of food, preserving it from bacterial proliferation. Studies based  on portion intake and weekly consumption frequency have shown that canned fish should not be considered a determinant source of salt intake. In fact, a high percentage of people’s daily salt intake derives from the salt ‘hidden’ in several transformed food products including bread, biscuits, breakfast cereals and snacks.